Wallet recovery services

Recover your Bitcoin and other crypto coins for as little as 10% of your wallets value.

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Hack your own brain

Two strategies to to recover lost Bitcoin using 1) memory recovery techniques and 2) digital forensics

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Do it yourself password recovery

If you are handy with computers, you can give recovering your own crypto a try with these handy tips, tricks and tools

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Not being able to access the cryptocurrency in your wallet is a frustrating experience. You might have forgotten the, password, or seed for your wallet or made a typing error. Whatever the reason is, do not fear, Wallet Recovery NL can help you. This site offers 1) a starting point for do it yourself wallet password recovery and 2) offers affordable and reliable password recovery service.

Read on if you want to start with recovering your wallet password. We provide you with strategies, tools, command lines as well as links to useful websites for further reading. The first step towards recovering your wallet password is to analyses the patterns in all the passwords you use. It is highly likely you used a similar password pattern for all your passwords. For example, most users use one or two words plus some digits and a special character such as ‘AppleBanana123!’. Additionally, it is likely you r-used some fragments such as a numbers between your passwords, such as birth year, dates or a specific special character. List down these fragments as well as the patterns you find.

Alternatively, you can recover password fragments from your memory using the two techniques described in our article: “Hack your own brain’: two strategies to recover you lost bitcoins“. The fragments recovered using these two techniques can be used by yourself as well as by us to generate and test possible passwords.

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Wallet password recovery works for nearly every crypto currency in existence

Every wallet password recovery is unique. You can find the solution to your specific problem in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section. If you are an experience programmer, recovering a wallet yourself might be interesting. Especially if you think there is only a small part of the password you might not know, you can try to brute force it yourself. However, often recovering a wallets password is challenging and time consuming. Recovering your password yourself is often hundreds to thousands of times slower since you lack the experience and knowledge to build efficient patterns for password attacks as well as heavy duty GPU hardware. Even worse, there is more chance you miss finding the password by mistakes in your attacks. Using a professional recovery service therefore provides a much higher chance to recover your wallet password and get back your funds for a modest fee. If you prefer the certainty and speed of professional wallet password recovery service, have a look at our Service page. We charge only 10% of your wallets value.

Why would you use password recovery service?

Here are a couple of reasons. First of all we only charge 10% of your wallet’s value for simple cases. This is considerably cheaper than other service providers. Secondly, our service makes use of several techniques you cannot easily do yourself. We will test list of passwords based on your knowledge, checking for typos and insertions and we build custom patterns to recover your password. Additionally, we use several advanced techniques such as custom masks, custom rules, hybrid attacks and several tricks to optimize recovery speed. We also use databases containing tens of millions of known passwords exposed in data-breaches as well as different language dictionaries, artificially created words. Most importantly, we build on vast experience of recovering passwords meaning we might know your mind better than yourself.

Do you have doubts on whether you can trust the skills and reliability of Wallet Recovery NL? Rest assured, Wallet Recovery NL is a one person business where you have a highly educated and qualified PhD who handles your case. Check out my credential here and judge for yourself. Additionally, We offer the reliability of being a registered company in the Netherlands trade register (KvK) and if desired we can work using a contract for additional legal assurance. You can get a free face to face consultation meeting after which you can decide to use our service or not. Our highly professional and reliable service combined with smart software and heavy duty hardware, offers the best wallet password recovery service you can get!