Not being able to access the cryptocurrency in your wallet is a frustrating experience. You might have forgotten the, password, or seed for your wallet or made a typing error. Whatever the reason is, do not fear, Wallet Recovery NL can help you. This site offers 1) a starting point for do it yourself wallet password recovery and 2) offers affordable and reliable password recovery service.

This site is your starting point for learning how to recover your password yourself. We do so by providing the strategies, tools, command lines as well as links to useful websites and web fora. The first step towards recovering your wallet password is to analyse the patterns in all passwords you use. Alternatively, you can recover fragments of passwords from your memory using the two techniques described in our article: “Hack your own brain’: two strategies to recover you lost bitcoins“. The fragments recovered using these two techniques can be used by yourself as well as by us to generate and test possible passwords.

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Wallet password recovery works for nearly every crypto currency in existence

Every wallet password recovery is unique. You can find the solution to your specific problem in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section. If you are an experience programmer, recovering a wallet password is managable. However, often recovering a wallets password is challenging and time consuming. Therefore, if you prefer the certainty and speed of a wallet password recovery service, have a look at our Service page. We charge only 10% of your wallets value.

Why would you use password recovery service?

Here are a couple of reasons. First of all we only charge 10% of your wallet’s value. This is considarably cheaper than other service providers. Secondly, our service makes use of several techniques you cannot easily do yourself. We will test list of passwords based on your knowledge, checking for typos and insertions. Additionally, we use several advanced techniques. For example we test databases containing tens of millions of known passwords exposed in databreaches.

We offer the reliability of being a registered company in the Netherlands trade register (KvK). We provide a free face to face consultation meeting after which you can decide to use our service or not. Our reliable service combined with smart software and heavy duty hardware offers the best wallet password recovery service you can get.