Wallet Recovery NL is the first Netherlands based wallet password recovery service provider. We are registered in the Dutch Trade Registery (KvK).

Our mission is to:

  1. To serve as a starting point for do it yourself wallet recovery. We so by providing strategies and tips as well as answering FAQs.
  2. To offer reliable and affordable wallet password recovery service.

I founded this company after successfully recovering my own bitcoin wallet password. I want to help others by offering information as well as an affordable password recovery services.

My experience in detecting patterns in biological data allows me to easily detect patterns in passwords and come up with efficient strategies to recoer wallet passwords. I have a passion for cryptology, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. I am invested in several promising crypto projects like Horizen (ZEN), Cardano (ADA), Ripple and Bitcoin. Furthermore, I do some Raven and GRIN mining.

I believe cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will change the world for the better. For example, by providing a decentralised trusted financial system. Cryptocurrencies are only one of the many applications for blockchains. Blockchains are essentially decentralised networks of trust. These networks can be used for FAIR supply chaing management, tamper proof voting and much more. I want to contribute to the blockchain revolution and the cryptocurency ecosystem. I do so by providing a reliable Netherlands based wallet password recovery service. For further information about my background, visit my LinkedIn page. For further information news, check out the Wallet Recovery NL Facebook page.

Niels Zondervan, Founder of Wallet Recovery NL