How to recover a Solana wallet?
A few months back a customer contacted me to recover a Solana wallet for him. Like any normal person I went online in search for a tool to recover the Solana wallet.
To my surprise I found out that no recovery software existed for Solana wallets. This was very surprising since Solana has a market cap of 80 billion dollars and could have easily created a recovery tool. At the same time, I was happy. The lack of a Solana recovery tool, meant I could create something new useful for the Solana community. My journey down the Solana rabbit hole began…

Quickly I found out why no one had created a Solana recovery tool. Nearly every crypto project in existence works with a wallet or keystore file that contain the private key as well as a so called “Message Authentication Code” (MAC). The MAC is created when you initiate your wallet by hashing the unencrypted private key of your wallet. The MAC provides an easy method to check if you entered a correct password. If you try to open a wallet, you decrypt the encrypted private key with the password you entered. The decrypted key is hashed to generate a MAC. If the hash that is generated is exactly the same as the stored MAC, it means you entered the correct password. If the hash that is generated is not the same, it means you entered the wrong password.

Solana chose to use a more complex system. So how to recover a Solana Wallet? Instead of generating a MAC, Solana wallets derive the address from your public key and store this address in your Solana keystore file. This means that to check if you entered a correct password, you must a) derive a public key from the decrypted private key and b) generated a Solana address. This process involves Elliptic Curve Cryptography and is more complex computationally intensive than generating a MAC. Generating a fast recovery tool therefore became that much more challenging. Challenge accepted!

Brute forcing a Solana wallet with 6500 passwords per second

Using parallel computing and some very efficient libraries, I created a recovery tool that can brute force test around 6500 passwords per second on a simple 8 core CPU. Do you have a Solana wallet that needs to be recovered? Feel free to contact me to help you recover your wallet. For any decent value wallet, I only ask 15% of the wallets value, “no cure no pay“. This means that you only pay those 15% if I successfully recovered your wallet and funds. I can only help you recover your Solana wallet if your provide proof that the wallet is yours. For example, if you know a part of your password it proves the wallet is most likely yours. Now you know how to recover a Solana wallet, you’re welcome 🙂 !