Did you lose you wallet password or you know only part of the seedphrase of you wallet? We offer wallet password recovery service for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and anny other crypto currency and anny wallet type. Do not worry, in most cases we can recover your wallet password. There are three key reasons why you should use wallet password recovery service:

  1. Affordable: We offer the most attractive rates for bitcoin wallet password recovery. We charge 10% of your wallet value only if we successfully get back your coins. No cure, no pay.
  2. Trust: We are an official company registered in the Dutch Trade Registry of the Netherlands. We can visit you for a free face to face personal consultation to discuss your specific problem. We use our own servers; nothing goes in the cloud to ensure the safety and privacy of your coins and your information.
  3. Speed and reliability: Our experience, specialized software and heavy-duty GPU based passphrase recovery service is the fastest and most reliable way of getting your coins back.


Our payment rate is 10% of your wallet value which you ONLY need to pay if we successfully recover your password. We will deduct our 10% fee from your wallet while we will transfer the remaining 90% to an address of your choice.

How does recovery work?

If you live in the Netherlands, we will meet you for a free consultation meeting. In this free consultation meeting we discuss your specific problem before we decide together on whether to continue with our recovery service or not. If you decide to make use of our service, we will ask you to provide us with your wallet and all the information you have on your password. Usefull information is for example the approximate length, possible passwords fragments (words, number, characters etc.) that you might have used in your password. We can find password fragments by analysing other passwords you use. Alternatively, you can recover password fragments using the techniques described in our article “Hack your own brain’: two strategies to recover you lost bitcoins“.

We will use password fragments to generate and test billions of possible passwords using specialized wallet recovery software and heavy duty hardware. In most cases your password will be found.

Bitcoin and other crypto currency related service and consultation

Additional services

In addition to wallet password recovery, we provide several other crypto related services which are listed below. If you are in doubt whether we can help you with a specific problem, do not hesitate to contact us:

1. You lost your bitcoin (or other coin) wallets passphrase/password but you have some idea of what the password should look like.

We can help you, this is ideal for our password recovery service!

2. You lost your bitcoin (or other coin) wallets passphrase/password, you have no idea what the password might look like.

We can help you by trying often used passwords and password patterns based on other passwords you use as well as brute force.

3. You do not have a wallet file, lost the file or its on an encrypted partition.

We will attempt to recover your lost wallet file and decrypt your encrypted partitions if needed. In case of a damaged hard drive, we advice to use a specialized data recovery service. After you recover your data, we can help you to recover your password.

4. You have your full wallet seed or a part of it, but fail to regenerate your wallet.

We can help you.

5. You might have hidden your private key somewhere on your PC, hard drives or USB stick.

We can scan your PC, hard drives and USB stick to attempt to recover your private keys.

6. You want a fancy bitcoin address, also called a bitcoin love address e.g. Peace1qFNqqEix58H1waMdxjbdoW53Lqp6s1n9

We can help you generate special bitcoin addresses than contains a word or character sequence at the beginning of your choice.